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New Electives Coming to Lakeland

February 27, 2019

Lakeland Regional will be introducing multiple new, modern, and thought provoking electives for the 2019-2020 school year. The Morning Show and supervisor Mr. Michael Novak sat down with the teachers of each new elective. Each teacher is excited to give the students an opportunity to take their class and will be delighted to have you next year.

Here is a look at new electives:

Graphic Novel:

Reading a comic book in class? What could be better?! A graphic novel is basically storytelling through both images and text. The class is open to most students, starting with freshmen who are enrolled in the college level prep advanced class and above. This class will be held by Ms. Jamie Cawley. When Ms. Cawley was interviewed by The Morning Show about the class, she said, “It’s pretty laid back, even though you’re learning a lot. You’re learning about the marriage of image and text and how they work together.”

The Lakeland Morning Show


“To take or not to take; that is the question.” Well, the answer is easy – take Ms. Melissa Gentile’s new theater elective!  In the class, students will study the art of theater and also everything that associated with putting on a show, both on and off the stage. Mrs. Gentile, who has a theater background and has directed shows in the past, told The Morning show, “There’s so many components of theater.” For example, students will learn the basics of choreography, acting, staging and directing.

Journalism and Broadcast Journalism:

Not to be bias, but this is a great elective, especially if you’re looking to build an online portfolio! Journalism isn’t like your typically English writing class. The class welcomes all grades, 9-12,  and the course is run by Ms. Kali Spoelstra. In her interview with the Mr. Novak on the Morning Show, she stated, “A journalist must learn to write in journalistic style which is a little different from your usual English style writing.” But never fear, you learn all the skills right in class. So, if you’re interested in trying a different writing style, have a passion for investigating and research, or are looking to build a portfolio of your writing or photo taking skills, this is the elective for you.

Sticking with the journalistic theme, Lakeland is also offering a Broadcast Journalism class taught by Mr. Jonathan Lauder. The class will focus on radio and podcast journalism, with some television/studio time mixed in. Mr. Lauder brings with him a wealth of experience, working in broadcast for major news, sports, and business corporations. The class will also have a special focus on how the media effects our daily lives. Mr. Lauder tell the Morning Show that anyone with a interest in the media will love this elective and should check it out. A prerequisite for this course is Video I.

The Lakeland Morning Show

Experiencing Education: A Teacher Apprenticeship Program

Any incoming senior thinking about entering the field of education should check Ms. Barbara Ziegler’s new elective, Experiencing Education. Ms. Ziegler is planning on bringing her experience and passion for teaching to the class, which will focus on career awareness and dilemmas in the current field of education. The class is great for any senior looking to get a head start in an education program and exposure to classroom management, teaching methods, and in-class experience.

Science Fiction Literature and Film

How will evolving technology effect the world as we know it? This class, brought to Lakeland by Mr. Eric Write, will explore just that. Throughout this class, students will answer the essential question of: How can society continue to lead moral lives when technology will change everything aspect of life around us? Mr. White will lead students to come to conclusions through works like Ender’s Game, The Martian, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. This class is open to all fans of science fiction!

The Lakeland Morning Show

Current Issues and Popular Culture

“You name it, popular culture can describe it!” Mr. Joe Placenti is excited to offer the revamped Current Issues class – Current Issues and Popular Culture. Students will explore today’s issues “through the lens of popular culture.” If you’re interested in issues effecting society today and taking a closer look on how television (like The Big Bang Theory), social media (Facebook and Instagram), and movies (like Captain America: Civil War) influence modern culture, make sure to check out this class offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

For more information, check out each teacher’s interview above or tune into local channel 77 for the full recording of the Morning Show featuring all the great 2019-2020 new electives offerings. 

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    Jamie CawleyMar 18, 2019 at 9:08 am

    Lakeland offers so many interesting classes to its students!