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American Psycho: Inside the Mind of Patrick Bateman

Universal Studios
Christian Bale plays Jason Bateman in ‘American Psycho.’

The world of American finance is notoriously cut throat business to get into. The higher you climb, the more greed and backstabbing can be found. This is the foundation of the story American Psycho, which makes this psychological thriller a twisted and meaningful must-see movie.

American Psycho originally started as a novel. Written in 1991 by Brent Easton Ellis, the book gives detail on the life of a serial killer on a day to day basis. Then, released on April 4, 2000, the film American Psycho was created based on the novel.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead
Christian Bale plays the main character of Patrick Bateman in the movie. Bateman is looked at as a normal guy. He’s in his mid twenties, works on Wall Street, and is successful in the business world. Although he appears to be a regular guy during the day, he transforms into a killer by night.

Throughout the film, Bateman commits acts of cannibalism, assault, and of course, murder. Bateman’s lying and manipulation tactics get him out of questionable situations with a detective regarding a missing persons case. His girlfriend and the people around him have no clue as to what’s going on.

Eventually, Bateman confessed. Mid breakdown he called his lawyer to reveal the truth. When the lawyer didn’t answer his call, he left a message and told him what was going on. The lawyer took it as a joke, therefore, Bateman never faced consequences for his actions.

American Psycho is looked at for its themes of identity, materialism, and greed. The film is a metaphor for the business world where everyone is blended in with one another and looks the same, but deep down, are doing unethical acts to become richer. In a world where worth is based solely on status and success, the film explores how far someone will go to get there.

In the end, American Psycho is a worthy film. The movie provides just the right amount of physiological thrill and suspense. The plot is interesting as viewers watch Bateman live two lives at once. American Psycho is an intense film and is recommended to anyone who likes to watch horror with meaning.

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Bethany Lamberti, Staff Writer
Bethany Lamberti is a junior at LRHS. This is her second year writing for the Lancer Ledger, and she's excited to see her writing advance. In her free time, Lamberti enjoys music and spending time with her friends. She's also involved in the cross country and track program here at Lakeland.

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