Lakeland Students: Looking Forward to Summer


Courtesy of Ben Kopacki's Instagram

Senior Ben Kopacki soaking in the sun and hiking in the mountains of Ringwood last summer.

The snow has melted, the weathers getting warmer, and pretty soon bathing suits are going to start being thrown on.  Summer is right around the corner, and for many, it is a great opportunity to end off school on a good note and make sure there won’t be any trips to summer school. 

The Lancer Ledger got a chance to catch up with some Lakeland students and chat about some things they are looking forward to, and maybe some bucket list activities. They might even influence some of you readers  to make the most of your summer as well. 

Sophomore Charlie Wogisch talked with us about his plans. “I’m pumped for summer; it couldn’t come any quicker. I love everything about summer; the warm weather; getting to swim everyday in the lake; and best of all no homework.” When asked if he had any trips planned he replied, “My brother Joey is attending University of Delaware in the fall, so we plan on driving out there in August to drop him off.”

As always, the summer is also a sad period because for seniors it is your last summer before they leave the nest, leave their friends, and leave LRHS to head off to school and independence.  The Lancer Ledger caught up with some of our very own from the Class of 2021:

Senior, Ben Kopacki is taking a different approach this summer. “Since this is my last summer before heading out to school [he will be attending University of Vermont], I want to go out with a bang and have as much fun as possible…I want to visit some places I’ve never been to and do some cool things I never got the chance to do.” We asked about how COVID may have affected his last summer and he replied, “Yeah, corona was a real bummer last year, but I made the most of it; and with a lot of things closed, it was a great couple months to work on my golf game and work out a lot for hockey.” 

Senior Joey Cole also talked with us a bit about what he’s looking forward to this summer. “I love going to the shore; everything about it is just an awesome experience. What I look forward to most this summer is getting a cheesesteak and a batch of the world famous Seaside cheeseballs from Steaks Unlimited,” he giggled. “I’ve ran into some really nice and interesting people down the shore and hope to meet some more friends this summer…and with more things and places opening up, I’m hoping i’ll be able to do some cool activities and maybe go on a nice vacation with my family or friends.”

It’s always great to hear the excitement and hype leading up to the summer,  and with warmer weather approaching, all of the Lakeland community is getting “antsy.” But most importantly, for Lakeland students and staff, do not get too distracted and finish the year off strong!