Spring Break: The Break Everyone Needed

It was that time of year again – spring break! The time where everyone unwinds, relaxes, and has a good time. After a stress filled year for most with sports and school, spring break was the perfect thing for everybody.

Spring break was full of Easter, egg hunts, time to hangout with friends and family, vacation, and of course just laying down somewhere and breathing in the air to relax. Although it went by quick, most seemed to enjoy their spring break.

Lancer Ledger
LRHS students and staff share their spring break stories.
  • Sophomore Katie Mullin, started off her break with a trip down to Massachusetts. While she was there she spent time with her cousins Molly and Sylvia, and even won 20 dollars for dying an easter egg. For the rest of the break she had a fun time with her friends by going out to eat and mini golfing. Even though she had track during break, she didn’t mind it since it was exercise. She ended off break with a soccer game and a dub, 6-1.


  • Video teacher Mr. Jon Lauder had a super relaxing break. He spent his well deserved break hanging out with family and friends, as well as going out to dinner. He also spent time resting, as he should. Sounds relaxing and perfect.


  • Seniors in Ms. Kali Spoelstra’s English IV CP class summed up their spring break in three words: work, sports, and sleep. Grace Watters shared the sentiments of her class by saying she “did nothing and worked.” Tyler Tuminski went the sports route. “Basically all I did was play baseball – so I didn’t’ have many days off.” Adonai Thompson added to the seniors list by saying, “I was bored, so I decided to go to Quick Chek and get some food.”


  • Sophomore Genny Miller unfortunately was sick for the first four days of break. Despite her health issues, she didn’t let it stop her from having herself a good time. She first started it off by hanging with one of her bestfriends, Sophomore Kaylin Ponce and then joined me Sergei O’Hernandez, and went boating on cupsaw lake. The rest of her break consisted of pizza, hanging at friends’ houses, sleepovers, and lacrosse.


  • Sophomore Kaylin Ponce, had in her words  “a boring and uneventful break” and her most pivotal moment of her break was “sleeping”. Besides that she saw Beetle Juice on Broadway with Freshman Katie Duffy. After the Broadway play, she spent two days in her house doing nothing, which some might consider their worst nightmare but when you think about it. Wouldn’t you rather be sitting at home on your bed, comfy, with food rather than doing work? She finished off break with hanging out with friends and couple of worksheets for homework.


  • Teacher Ms. Melissa Gentile, special education English teacher, relaxed during break by teaching yoga and helping others relax, on top of many days of sleeping in and walking her dog. Although it was break, work still had to be done. She worked on homework for grad school and worked on her online professional development.


  • Sophomore Alie Barna had a fun and eggcellent Easter with her family. She spent her break going to the movies, Woodbury commons, and spending time with Erin Caughey. She kept fit by going to track just like everyone on the team. She ended off her break with a couple of parties and a box of YooHoo.


  • My break was fun and I enjoyed sleeping all day, a great way to replenish the energy that work and school sucked out of me. I started off my break with hanging out with my cousin and enjoying my Easter with family – loved that. Then I spent Monday through Friday occupying myself with group hangouts, sleepovers and food. Saturday I enjoyed just laying back and having a chill night with my friends. I finished off my break with homework and being stressed out that I forgot to do something as usual. I ended staying up until 1 a.m., since my sleep schedule was so messed up. Fun way to end the break.

Although spring break has come to end, we should enjoy the 10 days we had to relax and unwind. Spring break 2k20, I already want you. Good luck to everyone, including the teachers, to have a productive and great rest of the year.